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20/2 Silk Lace Weight Yarn, Undyed

20/2 Silk Lace Weight Yarn, Undyed

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Lace weight China Silk!

Pure Chinese Silk, so Lustrous it glows, tremendously lightweight and smooth.
This fabulous yarn is spun in China in a 20/2 gauge. It is a 2ply yarn, hence the "2" in 20/2, with the 20 being a measure of the thickness of the ply. The end result is a yarn that is extra fine, perfect for lace work. 4970 ypp, about 550 yards per 50g.

This yarn is great for lace shawls, scarves, and other fine lacy items. This yarn is natural, so it dyes well. Silk yarn has many great qualities, but be aware that pure silk has almost no elasticity, and will stretch when wet. If you choose the right projects for pure silk yarns, you will be very pleased. Nothing is more elegant for a bridal ensemble.

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