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All New Homespun Handknit

All New Homespun Handknit

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All New Homespun Handknit
25 Small Projects to Knit with Handspun Yarn

by Amy Clarke Moore

A follow-up to the original Homespun Handknit—a perennial bestseller for two decades—this collection revitalizes the craft of handspun yarn for a whole new generation of spinners and knitters. Packed with modern and traditional spinning know-how and 25 sophisticated, easy-to-learn projects, the guide helps crafters create unique gifts and wearable fashion while refining their skills and enhancing their understanding of this popular art form.
With designs from some of the most influential knitters and spinners working today—including Kathryn Alexander, Jeanine Bakridges, and Abby Franquemont—this inspiring resource features hats, mittens, scarves, socks, bags, children’s items, wraps, and home décor options to challenge fiber artists of all skill levels. Imparting essential and informative advice—on measuring yarns, reviewing woolen versus worsted, drive/tension differences, special techniques, and basic yarn dynamics—and complemented by basic knitting and spinning glossaries, this refreshing contemporary companion to a much-loved classic is an indispensable addition to every craft lover’s bookshelf.

  • Paperback
  • 143 pages
  • 25 projects for accessories

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