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Buffalo Wool Co. Bison Fiber Full Fingered Gloves

Buffalo Wool Co Full Fingered Gloves

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Buffalo Wool Co. Full-Fingered Gloves
These are the ultimate natural glove! From kodiak hunting in Alaska, to brook-trout fishing in Newfoundland, nothing can ruin a trip faster than cold wet hands. Created from the downy undercoat of the American buffalo, these gloves are 12 times warmer than wool.
Full fingered bison down gloves - for your every day activities - working, driving, walking, playing and even medical heat retention. The same air retention quality of American bison down that protects buffalo in Northern winters gently and so effectively holds in your own body heat. The high moisture regain (the ability to hold water without you feeling it) means hours of comfort when other gloves fail. Machine washable. Three sizes - medium for women, large and bubba (XL) for men. Proudly harvested, spun and knit by your neighbors in the USA.

Even if all you're doing is shoveling the driveway, you will appreciate these very special gloves. They make a great gift!

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