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Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl

Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl

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Celebrity Look-Alike Shawl
By Jennifer Hansen

This exquisitely beautiful crochet shawl pattern can be crocheted with under 800 yards of yarn over a weekend. Inspired by the shawl worn by Jessica Simpson on the MTV show, "The Newlyweds", this shawl is an essential accessory for any season and a great way to achieve the modern, romantic look.

Our newly revised and expanded directions feature a bottom-up construction so you can just stop crocheting when the shawl reaches your desired length.  In addition, we show an optional border and enhanced shaping for a shorter, wider shawl.  Lastly, we feature the shawl in three different yarns to help you select the right fiber to truly make this shawl your own.

  • One Size Fits All. Dimensions are approximate excluding fringe.
    Width = 69" with border (65" without border)
    Length = 35" with border (33" without border)

    Substitute Yarn Gauge -- Pattern is written so that any gauge yarn may be used.

    Yardage Requirements
    Bulky weight yarn: 685 yards without border, 770 yards with border
    Worsted weight yarn: 710 yards without border, 790 yards with border
    Chunky weight yarn: 660 yards without border, 742 yards with border

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