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Creative Estonian Knitting

Creative Estonian Knitting

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Creative Estonian Knitting
Textured Stitches to Swatch and Explore, with Merike Saarniit

Explore Estonian Knitting!

Merike Saarniit treasures the richness and creativity of her Estonian textile heritage. Reading the complex knitting patterns in her Estonian stitch dictionaries, Merike fell in love with the innovative designs and endless variations.

Learn to knit these beautiful patterns and expand your knitting horizons in this video workshop!

In addition to the traditional stitches, you'll discover how Merike's innovative cast-on and selvedge treatments transform a swatch into a useful start for a hat, cuff, or even a sweater. With Merike's guidance, you will knit:

  • Surprising stitch manipulations
  • Several kinds of nupps
  • Elegant horizontal and traveling patterns
  • And more!
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