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On The Go: Crocheted Scarves Two

Crocheted Scarves On The Go

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Crocheted Scarves Two, On the Go
from Vogue Knitting

We all know you can never have too many scarves, so Vogue Knitting has extended their "On The Go" Crocheted Scarves with Crocheted Scarves Two.  Patterns in this volume showcase a spectrum of striking colors in a wide variety of fabrics including mohair, cotton, merino wool and silk.  A wealth of styles from cultures all over the globe are featured from North Africa, Mexico, the Mediterranean, the Swiss Alps to the Great Plains of North America.  Stitches include whimsical floral designs, Tunisian crochet, and spike stitch.  If you crochet and love scarves (and we know you do) this is a must have.

Hard bound
95 Pages
25 Projects
Full color plates

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