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Dyeing to Knit

Dyeing to Knit

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Dyeing to Knit
How to Use and Create Your Own Beautiful Hand-Dyed Yarns
by Elaine Eskesen

In her informative new book, Dyeing to Knit, knitting shop owner and veteran yarn dyer Elaine Eskesen demystifies the use of hand-dyed yarns and the process of dyeing your own yarns. Here is a wealth of concise, helpful advice on the use of space-dyed, hand-painted, and rainbow-dyed yarns, and how to mix different fibers, colors, and textures in a single project. Custom-designed swatches created by nationally recognized knitting designers will inspire your own creativity.
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
Includes chapters on color theory, dyeing procedures, designing, 20 projects with complete instructions, a glossary, bibliography and resource list.

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