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Fixing Knitting Mistakes, 50 Tips

Entrelac Fixing Knitting Mistakes, 50 Tips

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Fixing Knitting Mistakes: 50+ Tips for Perfect Knits
Kate Atherley

Knowing how—and when—to fix your knitting mistakes makes you a great knitter.

Kate Atherley has made every knitting mistake you can imagine. Over decades of knitting, she taught herself to catch her mistakes in time and fix them easily. Now you can take her popular class on fixing mistakes anywhere and correct your knitting errors when they happen.

This Interweave Knits workshop includes:

  • Tricks for repairing 7 basic knit stitch mistakes
  • How to techniques for undoing your work safely
  • Step-by-step instructions for fixing incorrect increases and decreases
  • And even corrections for errors in knitted cables and lace.

Plus! You’ll also learn how to avoid many common knitting errors—and when you can leave a mistake in your knitting with no one noticing.

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