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Gifts for Your Needle Artist!
Here is a variety of gifts sure to please any knit or crochet afficianado.  Some are useful, some luxurious, some fanciful, but all will be appreciated.  And if you've ever been lost for words when someone asks you "what would you like for....."  then take a look right here for ideas!
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Aqua Shell Diamond-Shaped Shawl Closure with Wooden Stick Pin Bison Fiber Knitted Beanie
2012 Crochet Day to Day Calendar
Regular Retail Price $14.99
Our Price $12.99
Bison Fiber Knitted Beanie
Regular Retail Price $90.00
Our Price $79.95
A year's worth of exciting new patterns compiled from designers' blogs, Internet pattern storefronts, local yarn shops, and yarn manufacturers make this calendar a fabulous find. This aqua shell reminds me of the sea.  The shell is hand carved, fitted together and mounted on a wood backing to make a 2.5" sculptured diamond shape.   These lovely pins go with just about any sort of knitted garment.

Buffalo Wool Co. Bison Down Knit Beanie

From the slopes at Aspen to the backwaters of Minnesota, if you need a lightweight and seriously warm toboggan, toque, or watchcap, this will keep the old noggin toasty. Bison fiber is incredible--it surpasses all others for warmth and moisture control. One size fits all adults. Made in the USA.

Black Shell Inlaid Shawl Closure with Wooden Stick Pin Blacklip Shell & Tiger Mahogany Shawl Pin with Wooden Stick Pin Blacklip Shell and Tiger Ebony Shawl Closure with Wooden Stick Pin
Diamond Shape Black Shell Inlaid Shawl Pin        An elegant way to secure your shawl, scarf, or buttonless cardigan.  The shell is hand carved, fitted together and inlaid into the backing to provide an eye-catching accent to your favorite wrap. An offset circle is an unusual and attractive shawl pin, inlaid with blacklip shell. This graceful loop shape is half Tiger Ebony and half blacklip shell.  These lovely pins go with just about any sort of knitted garment.  Great as a gift, too.
Brown  Butterfly Shawl Stick Buffalo Wool Co. Bison Fiber Fingerless Gloves Buffalo Wool Co Full Fingered Gloves
Buffalo Wool Co. Bison Fiber Fingerless Gloves
Regular Retail Price $90.00
Our Price $79.95
Buffalo Wool Co. Bison Fiber Full Fingered Gloves
Regular Retail Price $90.00
Our Price $79.95
These eye-catching decorative sticks are hand carved of wood and painted to simulate a butterfly landing on your shoulder.  Very pretty, and certain to get compliments.
"One World" bison down fingerless gloves: The insulating undercoat of the American bison is made into a light, soft, durable glove. Originally designed for winter fly fishing, these fingerless gloves are the solution whenever you need warmth and flexibility. Fingers free, hands warm!
These are the ultimate natural glove! From kodiak hunting in Alaska, to brook-trout fishing in Newfoundland, nothing can ruin a trip faster than cold wet hands. Even if all you're doing is shoveling the driveway, you will appreciate these very special gloves. And they make a great gift!
Circular Needle ID Tags Gift Certificate Greetings from Knit Cafe Journal
Circular Needle ID Tags
Our Price $5.99

Circular Needle ID Tags       Finally a solution has been created for identifying those hard-to-read circular needles
   These highly-engineered little plastic tags are designed to snap onto your cables and not fall off.   The black numbers show both US size and  mm diameter, and will never wear off.   Choose a set to fit small needles sizes 0-6, or large needles sizes 7-35.      Each set contains 29 tags. Gift Certificate  Don't know what to choose?  You enter the amount and let your favorite knitter pick out the gift. Greetings from Knit Cafe Journal Yes, you can jot your notes in a 59-cent spiral notebook, but hey, you deserve a little recognition!  This very pretty journal, inspired by the book Greetings from Knit Cafe, is just the place for all those plans, ideas, projects, and notes.  A great gift too!
Inlaid Shell & Wood Sheep Shawl Stick Inlaid Shell, Resin & Wood Shawl Stick, Fan top Joins for KA Exchangeable Needle Cords
What a cutie!  This little lamb with a double stick will hold your shawl securely to show off your favorite project.  Show off your love of fiber with a practical and attractive piece of jewelry.
The head of this stick is a lovely fan, with delightful inlays of shell, resin and aluminum.
Joins for KA cords  Use these to join same diameter cords together        You can screw these joins on to one end of a cord, and attach another cord to it.  Get exactly the cord length you need, depending on your project.   They come in 3 sizes, based on the connection size.These joins come 2 per package