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Incomparable Ceramic Buttons
 These buttons are so unique, they will inspire you to all sorts of creative uses. 
Of course they're great for your knitted items, but there are so many other possibilities!
Sew them on hats, felted bags, around the neckline of a T-shirt or
sweatshirt for a one-of-a-kind garment, string them together for a choker--
use them to decorate almost anything.

Each button is carefully hand crafted from a unique mixture of ceramic and stoneware clay and hand painted with an assortment of glazes. These buttons are machine washable and dryable--just turn the garment inside-out.

Incomparable manufactures so many different button designs in a variety of styles and sizes for both formal and fun applications.  This is the beginning of our collection--we will be adding more of the designs. If you don't see what you were hoping for, by all means let us know.

These buttons are priced by the card. The cards are exactly 2 inches wide, so if the buttons cover half the width of the card, then the buttons are about one inch.  All cards are the same price, but the number of buttons per card varies with size.
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Puppy buttons School Days buttons Rubber Duckie buttons
Puppy buttons
Our Price $7.29
School Days buttons
Our Price $7.29
Rubber Duckie buttons
Our Price $7.29
Quilted heart buttons Multi-colored heart buttons Little red heart buttons
Quilted heart buttons
Our Price $7.29
Faux travertine buttons Kitten buttons Playful Kitten buttons
Kitten buttons
Our Price $7.29
Playful Kitten buttons
Our Price $7.29
Embossed large flower buttons Large Foliage buttons Teddy bear buttons
Large Foliage buttons
Our Price $7.29
Teddy bear buttons
Our Price $7.29
Large Glossy Black buttons Large Teddy Bear buttons Sporty Assorted Balls buttons
Large Glossy Black buttons
Our Price $7.29

Incomparable Ceramic Buttons
 have a wide appeal and are well suited to numerous applications.  Due to a unique manufacturing process, the buttons are both machine washable (turn garment inside out) and dry cleanable.  The process involves numerous firings at extremely high temperatures. The result is a product of exceptional strength and durability. Sew them on with confidence!