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KA Premium Bamboo Exchangeable Circular Needle Set New Standard Set

KA Premium Bamboo Exchangeable Circular Needle Set  Extended Size Selection

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Exchangeable Circular Needle Set
These are our favorite KA Premium Bamboo knitting needles in an exchangeable set.

12 Pair of Bamboo Circular Needles and 8 cord sets make all kinds of sizes!!
(66 Combinations)
Needle sizes 2 through 13
Cord Lengths 8"(3), 16" (3), 21", 28"
PLUS Cord Joins for each size cord so you can link them together

This set is packaged in a padded cloth case with velcro closure. Very compact, about 6"x 8"x 1".

Made in Japan, these bamboo needles are stronger, smoother and longer lasting than other bamboo needles because of their hard finish that saturates the bamboo, not just the surface.

KA Circular needles feature a super smooth connection from cord to tip, with a swivel bearing
so the cords never twist.

Extra Cords, Needles sized 4-15, and stoppers may be purchased individually.

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