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Knit One, Bead Too

Knit One, Bead Too

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Knit One, Bead Too 
Essential Techniques for Knitting with Beads
by Judith Durant

Never have two distinct crafts paired as beautifully as knitting and beading. In "Knit One, Bead Too" Judith Durant introduces crafters to fun stitching techniques that perk up knitted items with beautiful beads. Five distinct knitting methods are used to fully incorporate beads into knitted items rather than simply adding beads as fringe or appliqué. The results are intricate works of art that every knitter will be proud to wear.
  • Hardbound spiral binding
  • 159 pages
  • Color photos, diagrams, charts, schematics
  • Covers 5 different techniques
  • 16 original patterns to knit while learning

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