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Knits for Bears to Wear

Knits for Bears to wear

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Knits for Bears to wear
20 Fashions for teddys & 18" dolls

by Amy O'Neill Houck

There are only a few things a teddy bear truly needs to be happy, not the least of which is a warm and cozy sweater. It’s a small to thing to ask for, considering all they do for us. Now knitters of all levels can bring a little style and happiness to their Build-A-Bear Workshop® bears, Vermont Teddy Bear Company® bears, American Girl® dolls, and other teddies and toys with Knits for Bears to Wear—twenty-four patterns for a trunk-full of fashions including sweaters and ponchos, pajamas and formal wear, even a mermaid costume and a wizard’s cap and gown. Knits for Bears to Wear provides all the tools readers need to be sure their favorite toys are always in style.

  • Paperback
  • 96 pages
  • 20+ projects

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