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Knitting Beyond Scarves

Knitting Beyond Scarves

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Knitting Beyond Scarves
Easy Lessons that let you knit what you never thought you could
by Melissa Leapman
Everybody learns to knit in the same way: garter stitch. Just plain knitting. That means scarves--and plenty of ‘em. Scarves for every day of the week. Scarves for herself, her friends, her sisters and her cousins and her aunts. Scarves until even her mailman says, "No more!" When that day comes--and it will come--best-selling author Melissa Leapman will be standing by with Melissa Leapman’s Knitting Beyond Scarves. It develops basic skills with a progressive series of lessons, each supported by projects that go way, way beyond scarves. Hats, bags, wraps, pullovers, skirts, jackets, a tie-front cardigan, even a camisole--all of Leapman’s designs are kicky fun to make and to wear. Packed with clear illustrations and glowing photographs, Melissa Leapman’s Knitting Beyond Scarves is a hand-holding, confidence-building, inspiring knitting course that will delight beginning knitters (and their sisters and their cousins and their aunts and their mailmen).
    • Paperback
    • 16 lessons to increase skills
    • Color photos and illustrations
    • 128 pp

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