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Knitting Gems Volume 3 DVD

Knitting Gems Volume 3

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Lucy Neatby's Knitting Gems Volume 3

Do you want to step up your knitting to the next level?  The Gems series covers a range of invaluable techniques to expand your knowledge to new horizons!
Knitting Gems Volume 3 includes Beading Techniques; Cable Talk; Lace Basics; and special Yarn Handling Tricks.  Two hours of Lucy's superlative instruction--like having private lessons!  Lucy is simply the best video teacher out there.

Beading Techniques
Inserting a bead with a hook, Threading beads onto yarn, Slip stitch and strand in front; Stitch head beading (knit row); Stitch head beading (purl row); Placing beads between stitches; Beading Garter alternate rows; Making beaded dangles; Multiple beads between stitches; Spacing beaded rows; Pre-threaded, bead on stitch; Dip stitches; Auxiliary thread for small beads; Beads on a yarn-over; Purl I-cord with beads

Cable Talk
What is a cable?; Right cross with cable needle; Left-cross without cable needle; Counting cables; Cable fixes

Lace Basics
What is lace?; Overs between knit stitches; Make one increase; Decrease and yarn-over pairs; Looking at charts; Double yarn-overs; Multiple yarn-overs; K1-O-k1 increase

Yarn Handling Tricks
Introducing new yarn with loop; Creating triple thickness yarn; Two strands, staggering joins; Blending two colours; Two hands to separate colours

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