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Knitting Gems Volume 4 DVD

Knitting Gems Volume 4

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Lucy Neatby's Knitting Gems Volume 4

Do you want to step up your knitting to the next level?  The Gems series covers a range of invaluable techniques to expand your knowledge to new horizons!
Knitting Gems Volume 3 includes Cool Cast-Ons; Fancy Bind-off Methods, Even more Increases, Daring Rescue Techniques, and a section of Odds & Ends.  Two hours of Lucy's superlative instruction--like having private lessons!  Lucy is simply the best video teacher out there.

Cool Cast-Ons
Long-tail: What, no slip-knot?; German twisted; Tubular (reg needle) 2 colours; Tubular (regular needle); Tubular (large needle); Converting 1 x 1 rib to 2 x 2; Giant demo of tubular edge; Bi-coloured chain; Scallop; Picot; Picot calculation diagram

Fancy Bind-Off Methods
Bi-colour chain; Picot; Modified conventional (kw/pw); Suspended

Even More Increases
Knit into front and back; Knit and purl; Split; Yarn-overs; K1-O-K1 3sts from one

Daring Rescue Techniques
Knitting down (no temp. edge);Hills and valley stitches; Multiple-stitch laddering; Lace fixes; Cable fixes;Duplicate stitch; Surgical replacement; Multi-row surgical replacement

Odds and Ends
Slipping sts, kw, pw, en masse; Working into the stitch below; Selvage for garter stitch; Knitting-up new stitches; Purling-up new stitches; Knitting-up along garter; Recapturing live stitches; The weavers knot

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