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Here you will find a collection of the finest, lightest weight yarns used primarily for fine lace.
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Garden Metallic Lace & Crochet yarn Whisper Lace Wool & Silk Lace Yarn Harmony by Jojoland
Garden 10 Metallic Lace & Crochet yarn
Regular Retail Price $6.50
Our Price $5.25
Whisper Lace Wool & Silk Lace Yarn
List Price: $10.50
Our Price: $9.25
Harmony by Jojoland
Regular Retail Price $9.99
Our Price $9.49

Garden 10 Metallic
by Nazli Gelin

Garden 10 Metallic mixes top quality Size 10 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton with a strand of metallic thread. Colors range from rich tone-on-tone color to more traditional combinations --- turning every heirloom thread project into a one-of-a-kind piece!
When you are looking for a quality yarn for your next lace project, choose Whisper Lace from Universal.
Harmony is 100% merino wool in an extra-fine lace weight, perfect for shawls, scarves, cobweb lace.  Great for crochet, too!   Extremely gradual, subtle color changes make for a spectacular result.  Every colorway is based on three main colors, and the yarn slowly changes from one to the next. 
Cotton Gold String-along Sequins Luna Sequin Thread by Trendsetter Kid Seta Yarn by Trendsetter
Kid Seta Yarn by Trendsetter
Regular Retail Price $13.00
Our Price $12.50
Cotton Gold features a simple cotton thread strung with sequins and
wrapped in a strand of gold or silver glitter.
 Half-size sequins pre-strung on a carry along thread

Add a touch of glitz to just about anything!  Just carry this thread along and knit or crochet it with your background yarn, and you will produce a fabric that has points of light scattered across it.  So easy!
Kid Seta             Classic kid mohair and silk in a laceweight yarn.         Not a new yarn, but a new construction prepared exclusively for Trendsetter. It is created with 70% Super Kid Mohair and 30% Silk. The two fibers are spun together before the yarn is created. The yarn is dyed as one solid color allowing a bright shine to come to the surface from the Silk.     This yarn has a fantastic color range, an incredibly soft feel, and amazing yardage.
Lusso by Lang 20/2 Silk Lace Weight Yarn, Undyed Forest Dew Fingering weight yarn
Lusso by Lang
Our Price $13.95
20/2 Silk Lace Weight Yarn, Undyed
Regular Retail Price $17.95
Our Price $14.95
Lusso is a super-light lace-weight yarn consisting of fine merino, silk, baby camel hair and super kid mohair. China Silk! Pure Chinese Silk, so Lustrous it glows,  tremendously lightweight and smooth.    If you choose the right projects for pure silk yarns, you will be very pleased.  Try this yarn on larger needles for a lacy shawl, scarf or even a lace overblouse with little shaping.  Nothing is more elegant for a bridal ensemble.  . Another fantastic creation from Lotus Yarns! This elegant yarn is a heavenly blend of angora, merino wool, tencel, and cashmere. So soft and light it is hard to believe. The colors are rich and true. One 50g ball of Forest Dew Fingering has 400 yards, enough for a long fancy scarf or a shawlette.
Lusso by Lang Cara Lace-Weight yarn by Lang Apu Imperial Alpaca
Mohair Luxe by Lang
Our Price $14.95
Apu Imperial Alpaca
Our Price: $18.95

Lusso is a super-light lace-weight yarn consisting of fine merino, silk, baby camel hair and super kid mohair. A unique and modern eyelash style lace-weight yarn with a beautiful composition. A core of silk makes the yarn so unbelievably soft.
Apu is 100% Imperial Alpaca, the finest alpaca in the world.
Tibetan Cloud 100% Yak Laceweight Yarn Dream Laceweight Yarn, Buffalo Gold, 25g Puno degradé yarn by Lang, hand-painted from light to dark
Tibetan Cloud 100% Yak Fingering Yarn
Regular Retail Price $21.00
Our Price $19.00
Here's something different: pure yak down from Tibet, and the mill has discovered how to produce these beautiful colors. This elegant yarn has a smooth hand like fine cotton, but it's fantastically light weight, so your lacy garment will simply float.
This fabulous super-laceweight yarn is finally back in stock after two years' absence.
50% American bison down provides the unbeatable warmth to weight ratio, and 50% merino wool adds the knitterly qualities most desired by experienced lace knitters. The natural color and softness of the bison and merino blend simply cannot be duplicated for elegance, taste and hand.

Are you looking for the "gold standard" in degradé yarn? Puno is here!