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Lang Designer Knitting Patterns Books

The fabric arts are all about self-expression. Why not find a style that fits your personality? With these Lang pattern books, it's simple to explore new looks and techniques freely. Make the most of your love of knitting or crochet no matter what's in season, who your intended wearer is or what trend-conscious fashionistas have to say about it.

These books are each packed with dozens of patterns from Lang Yarns’ Fatto a Mano collection, so getting inspired is as simple as flipping through the pages on a relaxed weekend afternoon and picking your favorites. Lang yarns date back to 1867, so it's easy to treat yourself to centuries of creative motivation from different cultures and periods. We also carry many of the yarns featured in the patterns as well as compatible substitutes, so you don't have to move Heaven and Earth to get projects rolling along smoothly.

Make your work more dynamic by discovering new ways to build masterpieces with yarn. Pick a seasonal or themed collection that stirs your spirit to start creating something fresh and innovative or ask us for ideas on how to break the mold.

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Lang Pattern Booklet for Sol Degrade Punto #5 Lang Pattern Booklet for Angelina Punto #7 Lang Pattern Booklet for Cashmerino Babies
Punto #10 Lang Pattern Booklet for Soft Cotton Punto #14 Lang Pattern Booklet for Lyonel Punto #22 Lang Pattern Booklet for Soho
Punto #27 Lang Pattern Booklet for Linello Punto #31 Lang Pattern Booklet for Cloud Punto #30 Lang Pattern Booklet for Frida
Fatto a Mano #204  Spring Color! Fatto a Mano #219, Twins S/S 2015 Fatto a Mano #226, Accessories/Home
Fatto a Mano #227, Color Fatto a Mano #233 Fashion Collection 2016 Fatto a Mano #237 Viva yarn pattern book