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AlafossLopi,  Bulky Lopi, LettLopi, and Einband fingering lace weight yarns

From Iceland, this 100% pure wool yarn has a tradition of quality.  Icelandic wool is lighter, warmer, and more water-resistant than that found elsewhere.  Over the centuries, their wool has developed to ensure as much protection as possible from the harsh northern climate. Icelandic sheep therefore maintain their unique properties which make Lopi such an outstanding yarn. 

Icelandic sheep fleece is double layered, and in the same way that the sheep are kept warm and dry, the wearers of Lopi can expect the same results.  The inner layer of light fine fibers are soft and crinkly, insulating well against the cold, while the outer fibers are long and course and smooth - and as a result, water repellent.  These fibers are irregular, and they create air spaces when loosely bound together. The two combined create a light but sturdy water resistant yarn.

Over the years the yarns have been known by different names:  Alafoss, Reynolds, Istex, and so forth. They are all exactly the same yarns, all made in the same mill in Iceland.

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Audna Plotulopi Sweater Kit Einband Laceweight Lopi Icelandic Wool
Bulky Lopi
Our Price $8.99

Such a beautiful sweater that makes the most of the color-blending qualities of unspun Plotulopi yarn.
Bulky Lopi is ideal for one color garments, or simple color combos like stripes. Not for fairisle color work. Thicker than Alafoss Lopi, Bulky Lopi knits up very quickly. For the best value in a bulky coat yarn, try Bulky Lopi!

Einband is the laceweight Icelandic yarn, new for those of us outside of Iceland. Who would guess this wonderful wool could take on such a delicate and feminine persona?  Einband is a "fingering" weight lace yarn spun mostly from the undercoat of the sheep. After washing, it becomes soft and manageable.

Lett-Lopi Icelandic Wool Plötulopi Traditional Unspun Icelandic Wool
Lett-Lopi Iceland Wool
Regular Retail Price $5.50
Our Price $5.29

Our Price $8.99

Plötulopi Traditional Unspun Icelandic Wool
List Price: $9.50
Our Price $8.79

Lett-Lopi Icelandic Wool, the worsted weight version of 100% authentic Icelandic Wool.  Warm and water-resistant, Lett-Lopi is perfect for ski sweaters and other outdoor pursuits. Original Lopi    From Iceland, this 100% pure wool has a tradition of quality, which began in 1896.  Icelandic Wool is lighter, warmer, and more water-resistant than that found elsewhere.      Lopi Icelandic Wool is the best selling wool in the world!

This is the un-spun single ply yarn that is the favorite of the native Icelandic knitters for garments of all kinds. Similar to pencil roving, it can be knitted with multiple strands held as one. Since Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit; however, due to the length of the fibers, it knits into a sweater that is both sturdy and soft.

Virki Lopi Sweater Kit
Virki Lopi Sweater Kit
Our Price: $72.95

This is the beautiful Lopi sweater featured in the ad, "Make An Impact With HP Officejet Pro Printer." You can see the video by clicking through to the product page.

The kit includes the Istex pattern book #26, and enough yarn to create the sweater.