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Orenburg Knitting: Knitting Gossamer Webs

Orenburg Knitting:  Knitting Gossamer Webs

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Orenburg Knitting
Knitting Gossamer Webs, with Galina Khmeleva

The handknitted shawls of Orenburg, located in the steppes of the southern Ural Mountains, set a world standard for delicate lace patterning. These “gossamer webs” are created from a series of basic elements and patterns handed down from generation to generation. In this video, Galina Khmeleva shares with you her decades of experience working with the knitters of Orenburg:

  • The origins and evolution of Orenburg lace
  • The Orenburg continental knitting technique
  • How to knit traditional Orenburg scalloped edging
  • The elements of Orenburg lace design
  • How to finish, block, and care for Orenburg lace shawls

Experience this rich tradition as Galina Khmeleva shares with you the history, the stories, the patterns, and the knitting techniques of these talented craftspeople, so that you can create your own gossamer webs.

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