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Here you'll find some quick links to patterns according to what kind of project it is: Babies & Toddlers, Children, Women, Men & Teen Boys, Accessories, and Home Decor. Some of these categories do overlap, so those patterns are listed in more than one category.
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13 Designs in Peter Pan DK for premature to 5 years 2012 Helen Hamann Calendar 3-Tier Collaret
3-Tier Collaret
Our Price $5.00
A Berry Cute Hat A Braided Hat for Rhythm A Braided Vest
A Berry Cute Hat
Our Price $5.50
A Braided Vest
Our Price: $8.00
A Family Tam A-Line Cardigan by Cabin Fever Acorn Hat
A Family Tam
Our Price: $7.00
A-Line Cardigan
Our Price: $7.00
Acorn Hat
Our Price $5.50
Acorn Lace Socks Acorn Stitch Kimono Adult Basic Drop Shoulder Pullover
Acorn Lace Socks
Our Price $5.50
Acorn Stitch Kimono
Our Price $7.00
Adult Flap Cap Harmony by Jojoland Alpine Boot Slippers
Adult Flap Cap
Our Price $5.00
Airy Shawl by Jojoland
Our Price $4.00
Alpine Boot Slippers
Our Price $5.50