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Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers

Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers

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Scrumptious Toppers for Tots and Toddlers
By Debby Ware

Hats, adorable hats. Knitting maven Debby Ware, creator of the famous DebbyWare knit kits, has drawn on her years of experience to put together 30 pint-sized hat and cap patterns filled with bright and unusual color combinations. Three separate sections -- Homecomings, Hooplas, and Humdingers -- are filled with such delightful designs as the Newborn Beanie, Hobo Hat, Holly Holiday, Peppermint Cap, Feather Fedora, Lemon Drop, Black & Bright Beret, and many more for newborns to children up to 2 years. Not only are these cute and quirky caps fun and easy to knit, they are instant family heirlooms that can be handed down to each new generation.

  • Paperback
  • 136 pages
  • 30 Patterns
  • Full-color photography, color diagrams, and clear, concise instructions

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