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The Enchanted Sole

The Enchanted Sole

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The Enchanted Sole
Legendary Socks for Adventurous Knitters
by Janel Laidman

Once Upon a Time.... Sock knitters yearned for legendary patterns fit for queens, and pixies, and alchemists, yet still wearable for the modern adventurer. Then along came a designer who understood this yearning, and The Enchanted Sole was born. With 20 legendary sock patterns, The Enchanted Sole is sure to please every adventurer on your list.
This book contains both colorwork and stitch patterning methods, with a few extra techniques featuring beads, embroidery, ribbon details, and sideways knit socks!  Uses both variegated and solid color sock yarns.  If you knit socks from this book you are guaranteed to have a unique pair of socks!
  • Paperback
  • 125 pages
  • Color photos
  • Illustrations, charts
  • Instructional sections

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