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Yarns Sorted by Weight
Well, every time we think there's a correct way to sort yarns into groups that can be used one for another, we hit a snag. The truth is that there is so much variation in yarns that it's impossible to have absolute rules on substitutions.

The Craft Yarn Council of America (CYCA) developed those handy little skeins with the numbers on them, 0 through 6, but still that isn't a complete answer for yarn substitution. There's a lot of variation among all those "4" yarns. The plain truth is you have to look at all these things, and use the infallible computer we all have (your brain!) to figure it out. Start with common sense--narrow things down first by general terms, then continue from there. You'll notice that the #3,4,&5 groups are bigger, and have more variation within them, than the thinner yarns.

What are the things that you should consider when substituting yarns? Gauge of course, but also the fiber used, smoothness, regular or irregular spin, indoor or outdoor use, and the draping of it (limp to stiff). And how do you tell these things? Sometimes it's really tough--even the color of the dye can make a difference in how a yarn works up.

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Gossypium Cotton Yarn by Erika Knight Garden Metallic Lace & Crochet yarn Lett-Lopi Icelandic Wool
Gossypium Cotton Yarn by Erika Knight
Regular Retail Price $5.00
Our Price $4.75

Garden 10 Metallic Lace & Crochet yarn
Regular Retail Price $6.50
Our Price $5.25
Lett-Lopi Iceland Wool
Regular Retail Price $5.50
Our Price $5.29

cotton" yarn is custom made for Erika Knight in India. The lovely pastel colours are taken from the British Blue Wool color palette,
and this naturally soft and breathable cotton yarn is perfect for baby as well as adults.
Garden 10 Metallic
by Nazli Gelin

Garden 10 Metallic mixes top quality Size 10 100% Egyptian Giza Cotton with a strand of metallic thread. Colors range from rich tone-on-tone color to more traditional combinations --- turning every heirloom thread project into a one-of-a-kind piece!
Lett-Lopi Icelandic Wool, the worsted weight version of 100% authentic Icelandic Wool.  Warm and water-resistant, Lett-Lopi is perfect for ski sweaters and other outdoor pursuits.
Twilley's Freedom Wool British Blue Wool by Erika Knight Melody Superwash by Jojoland
Twilley's Freedom Wool
Regular Retail Price $6.00
Our Price $5.75
British Blue Wool by Erika Knight
Regular Retail Price $6.00
Our Price $5.75
Melody Superwash by Jojoland
Regular Retail Price $6.50
Our Price $5.99

Freedom Wool 100% Wool Yarn  Twilleys of Stamford presents Super Chunky "singles" for Fast & Easy Knitting. Freedom of Choice, Freedom of Movement! British Blue Wool is made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleece - supremely soft, subtly sheeny, this is Britain's most luxurious fiber.
Melody Superwash is 100% wool in a fingering weight, great for socks, scarves and other accessories, sweaters, shrugs, everything. Great for crochet too! This yarn is machine washable and will not felt.Besides the Jojoland patterns designed for this yarn, many many other patterns calling for a fingering/sport weight yarn are very appropriate, including some Fiddlesticks Knitting, Louet patterns, and more.
Rhythm Superwash by Jojoland Flax Fiber Natura Sport weight Linen Novena Merino and Baby Alpaca Yarn by Lang
Rhythm Superwash by Jojoland
Regular Retail Price $6.50
Our Price $6.39

Flax Fibra Natura Sport weight Linen
Regular Retail Price $8.00
Our Price $6.75
Our Price $6.95

This is the superwash version of Rhythm. Extremely gradual, subtle color changes make for a spectacular result. Every colorway is based on three main colors, and the yarn slowly changes from one to the next. Be sure to enlarge the swatches so you can see all the lovely colors.

Flax is a 100% linen yarn that wears very well, but it needs machine washing to look and feel its best. Flax blooms and softens beautifully with each trip through the washing machine. Easy care--it can be pressed with a lot of steam for beautiful drape.
Novena is an exceptionally appealing and light hand knitting yarn out of precious merino wool and glossy alpaca. Wonderful for fair isle knitting, because it knits up fast but isn't heavy. So soft, too!
Poems by Wisdom Yarns Ramsdale by Wendy Alpaca SuperLight by Lang Yarn
Poems by Wisdom Yarns
Regular Retail Price $9.00
Our Price $6.95

Ramsdale by Wendy
Regular Retail Price $7.00
Our Price $6.95
Alpaca SuperLight
Our Price $6.99


Poems is a 100% wool roving yarn featuring artistic colors which shade easily from one color to the next. A real value in a variegated wool worsted weight.
New from Wendy Classics!  Ramsdale is born, bred and made in Yorkshire, England. It has a wonderful hand, knits
beautifully and comes in 10 gorgeous colors.
You simply won't believe this super-soft, super-fine, super-luxurious, super-light alpaca yarn from Lang. This yarn really is super light--the garments shown above are so easy to wear!
Fortissima Socka 4-Ply Bamboo Pop Cotton Blend Yarn Celeste DK by Wendy
Fortissima Socka 4-Ply
Regular Retail Price $7.50
Our Price $7.29

Bamboo Pop Cotton Blend Yarn
Regular Retail Price $9.50
Our Price $7.50
Celeste DK by Wendy
Regular Retail Price $8.00
Our Price $7.69
Classic Sock yarn from Schoeller & Stahl    50 gram skein  Using only the finest raw materials which are then processed with the most care possible. Due to the high percentage of virgin wool, Fortissima/Socka is particularly soft and very supple.  The sock yarn is also, of course, a machine wash product.        Solid and 2 Tone Colours in 4 Ply in 50 gram balls
This is a great summer yarn for almost any use. Light and breezy, Bamboo Pop is a machine washable 50/50 cotton/bamboo viscose blend that makes great warm weather projects for adults and kids.
Celeste is a soft feminine yarn possessing a dash of celestial sparkle. A
shawl or a wrap, a cardigan or a sweater-whatever your project-Celeste
will add that sprinkle of elegance to any outfit.