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About Handknitting.com

Handknitting.com was founded in 1996, which is absolutely prehistoric in terms of the internet. Our company is the oldest continuously operating retail yarn, knitting, and crochet supply on the web. We are John and Laurel Murphy, and we bought this business at the end of 2006. Since then we have been working as hard as we can to keep up to the high standards set by the previous owners.

We have a home office, and a no-frills warehouse.

We are in Arizona, which is on Mountain Standard Time in the winter, and Pacific Daylight Time in the summer. We welcome your questions and comments, and will try to answer all your emails personally with a return email or a phone call if you include your phone number. We even welcome your complaints--after all we aren't in business to make our customers mad, and if you have problems with the merchandise we want to know about it. Please, though, try to keep your observations on topic. We are just people like you.

We prefer not to list our phone number on the internet, for a number of reasons. If you have received an order from us, you can find the phone number on 1) the packing slip or 2) our business card, both of which are included in the package. But if you wish to talk by phone in advance of your purchase, please send us your phone in an email along with a convenient time to contact you, and we will call you back (our nickel too!).

We offer a free clipping service, so if you are unsure about a color please let us know by email before you order.

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