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British Blue Wool by Erika Knight Ayni Baby Alpaca & Silk Freya Multi-Fiber Blend Yarn
British Blue Wool by Erika Knight
Regular Retail Price $7.25
Our Price $6.50

Ayni Baby Alpaca & Silk
Our Price: $11.95

British Blue Wool is made from 100% Bluefaced Leicester fleece - supremely soft, subtly sheeny, this is Britain's most luxurious fiber. The Amano Anyi blend of 80% Baby alpaca and 20% silk produces a heavenly soft yarn
with the depth of color and sheen that comes only from silk.
Multi-Fiber Blend by Lang
Structural effects are accomplished with an interesting blend of cotton, wool and alpaca. Harmonious hues on a natural, écru, or anthracite background are arranged in varying intensity through tones of rose, olive and blue.
  • 50g is about 224 yards (205m)
  • 21st & 31 rows = 4" on US 6-7 (4-4.5mm) needles
  • 38% Cotton, 32% Nylon, 17% Baby Alpaca, 13% Virgin Wool
  • Machine wash warm, gentle cycle, dry flat.
Lusso by Lang Forest Dew Fingering weight yarn Forest Dew Aran weight yarn
Lusso by Lang
Our Price $13.95

Lusso is a super-light lace-weight yarn consisting of fine merino, silk, baby camel hair and super kid mohair. Another fantastic creation from Lotus Yarns! This elegant yarn is a heavenly blend of angora, merino wool, tencel, and cashmere. So soft and light it is hard to believe. The colors are rich and true. One 50g ball of Forest Dew Fingering has 400 yards, enough for a long fancy scarf or a shawlette.
Another fantastic creation from Lotus Yarns! This elegant yarn is a heavenly blend of angora, merino wool, tencel, and cashmere. So soft and light it is hard to believe. The colors are rich and true. One 50g ball of Forest Dew Aran has 96 yards, and will knit up quickly on US 8 needles (5mm)

Malou Light Baby Alpaca Blend yarn Wild Wool by Erika Knight Apu Imperial Alpaca
Malou Light Baby Alpaca Blend yarn
Regular Retail Price $17.95
Our Price $16.95

Wild Wool by Erika Knight
Regular Retail Price $17.95
Our Price $16.95

Apu Imperial Alpaca
Our Price: $18.95

Such a gorgeous, airy chunky weight yarn that knits up to 4 st to the inch. You won't believe the huge yardage in this yarn! Your sweater, jacket, coat or shrug, even those with lots of cables or textural patterning, will feel like it's floating--like being wrapped in a warm cloud.
Wild Wool by Erika Knight
Wild Wool is a sustainable blend of soft wool and natural nettle.

Spun from the fiber found inside the stem of the plant, nettle has been used for 2000 years for its strength and durability as a textile. Nettle is grown abundantly and perennially in rainy areas worldwide without the need for harmful pollutants or pesticides, making it eco-friendly and sustainable.
When blended with luxurious wool, nettle fiber enhances the character of this yarn by adding insulation, texture, and shine. Wild Wool yarns comes in a palette of irresistible colours inspired by nature.

  • 85% wool, 15% nettle (viscose)
  • US 7-9 needles
  • 18 st and 24 rows = 4"
  • Hand wash or dry clean

Apu is 100% Imperial Alpaca, the finest alpaca in the world.
Tibetan Cloud 100% Yak Laceweight Yarn Sol Degrade Cotton Yarn Splash Cotton blend Yarn from Lang
Tibetan Cloud 100% Yak Fingering Yarn
Regular Retail Price $21.00
Our Price $19.00
Sol Degrade Cotton Yarn
Our Price $19.95

Splash Cotton blend Yarn
Our Price $19.95

Here's something different: pure yak down from Tibet, and the mill has discovered how to produce these beautiful colors. This elegant yarn has a smooth hand like fine cotton, but it's fantastically light weight, so your lacy garment will simply float.
Sol Degrade is a gorgeously soft tape yarn with the attractive addition of a gradual tonal dye. Made of the finest combed cotton, Sol gives you the quick knit of a worsted weight yarn without all the weight of traditional cotton. Light weight, cool, and breezy like cotton should be, Sol Degrade is perfect for warmer weather or days inside air conditioned offices.

Lang Splash Knitting Yarn

This cotton-acrylic combination yarn is capable of adding depth to any fetching sweater, chic hoodie or classy afghan. Since it's a cotton tape yarn, you can expect periodic bursts of color guaranteed to keep your project interesting and varied. When it comes to handling, this smooth blend is definitely one of our go-to choices.

With more than 150 years of yarn-making experience, Lang Yarns are known for flawlessly merging fashion with quality. These yarns exhibit sumptuous, nuanced shades and varied colors for unique results that make them popular among professional designers and hobbyists alike.

Since you can choose from a huge portfolio of materials, textures and hues, it's easy to express yourself with Lang products. Why not get started by adding this comfortable knitting yarn to your cart or asking us for pointers?

  • 77% combed Cotton, 23% Acrylic, tape style yarn
  • 19 stitches & 29 rows = 4 inches
  • US 7 needles (4.5 mm)
  • 100 gram ball is about 273 yards (250m)
  • Machine wash gentle, warm, dry flat, do not use fabric softener
Wool Local by Erika Knight Merino+ Color Superwash Wool EcoPuna Baby Alpaca yarn
Wool Local by Erika Knight
Regular Retail Price $21.00
Our Price $19.95
Merino+ Color Superwash Wool
List Price: $23.00
Our Price $21.95

EcoPuna Baby Alpaca yarn
Our Price: $21.95
Wool Local by Erika Knight
The force behind Erika's yarn collection is to support the British heritage of textile mills and to promote native sheep breeds. From fleece to finished yarn in less than 50 miles, Wool Local is authentically British and environmentally sustainable.
Wool Local is an intimate blend of luxurious Bluefaced Leicester and hard-wearing Masham, in a fine 4ply weight, with its roots in the history and heartland of British wools.
This yarn is strong, light to wear and a pleasure to work with.
  • 100% wool
  • 28 st & 36 rows = 4" on US3 (3.25mm) needles
  • Suitable for standard gauge (4.5-5mm) knitting machines
  • 100g = 492 yds (450m)
  • Hand wash cool, dry flat, or dry clean
This Superwash Merino yarn is produced from fine Australian merino wool with degradé color effects based on the popular colors of Sol Degradé. EcoPuna is the natural undyed version of Puna, the quintessential luxury yarn for larger projects and garments.
It is 100% Baby alpaca in a DK weight suitable for your favorite