Four Legged Friends Scarf Kit Top This! Hat Kit KA Premium Bamboo Exchangeable Circular Needle Set  Large Size Selection
Top This! Hat Kit
Our Price: $8.99
Say hello to the 4 Legged Friends scarves. Super easy, and your favorite child or toddler will have a combo stuffed friend and scarf to cuddle. Soooooooo cute! Whip up a darling hat in no time for your favorite toddler or child with one of DMC's new kits. You can't beat it!

SWITCH Exchangeable Circular Needle Set LARGE SIZED SET These are our favorite KA Premium Bamboo knitting needles in an exchangeable set.    6 Pair of Bamboo Circular Needles and 6 cord sets make 36 sizes!!    KA Circular needles feature a super smooth connection from cord to tip, with a swivel bearing   so the cords never twist.