Top This! Hat Kit Four Legged Friends Scarf Kit KA Premium Bamboo Exchangeable Circular Needle Set  Large Size Selection
Top This! Hat Kit
Our Price: $8.99
Soooooooo cute! Whip up a darling hat in no time for your favorite toddler or child with one of DMC's new kits. You can't beat it!

Say hello to the 4 Legged Friends scarves. Super easy, and your favorite child or toddler will have a combo stuffed friend and scarf to cuddle. SWITCH Exchangeable Circular Needle Set LARGE SIZED SET These are our favorite KA Premium Bamboo knitting needles in an exchangeable set.    6 Pair of Bamboo Circular Needles and 6 cord sets make 36 sizes!!    KA Circular needles feature a super smooth connection from cord to tip, with a swivel bearing   so the cords never twist.